Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh what to do!?!?!?!

With Halloween coming sooner then I'd like...and NOT knowing what to do for Klous...some help or ideas would be appreciated!! :) :) :) Once you see these'll understand WHY I need some help!! LOL :)

We got the Halloween tote out last week...and had forgotten about a costume we bought on clearance last year...thinking it would fit Klous this year. Then a friend of mine told me about cute animal costumes that Costco for only $ I went and looked at one there too and got it...WELL...neither of them WHAT DO I DO??

This is the cute COW costume we got at Costco...Klous likes it and calls it his "MOO" he's sad to see it go I'm sure...but come on...when it gives you a wedgie in the back AND front...even with a diaper on...I think it's a little small...he had to walk/run on his tip-toes because it just didn't fit right!!

He's such a good sport though...
Then this is the costume we got last year on looked like a cute clown...but NOT for a boy...I'm sorry...he looks a little feminine in it...not to mention it's also a BIT too small!! :) And that hat??? What's with it?? Yeah...that will be going back in the tote...or something!!!
He liked showing off at that was fun...good thing we don't live in Minnesota where your costume has to be big enough to fit OVER your snowsuit...neither of these REALLY wouldn't work if that was the case!!!
So if anyone has any great ideas or thoughts...I'd love to hear them!! I've still got a month I know...but if you know me and holidays...I like to get started early...hence the reason my house is already decorated!!! Hope the pictures put a smile on your face too!! :) :) :)


AndreaBaugh said...

Old Navy has some cute costumes,

But this one is my favorite.

Mindy said...

This might sound lame, but I'm sure you have plenty of baseball uniforms around. Make him a baseball player for Halloween and save some time, money, and energy. I bet he'd love it just the same.

Klous Family said...

Becki, not only are you very creative but you are a Klous. You guys can make a costume out of ANYTHING! I've seen all your pictures from past halloweens and high school dress up days! If nothing else, call Andy! You two can put your heads together and figure something out! Klous sure is a cutie! Wish we all lived closer so we could trick or treat together! That would be fun!
Love you!!

Andrea and Danny said...

How cute!!! Sorry I dont have any halloween ideas for you :( but I hope you have fun with it!!! I agree with Mindy have him be a BASEBALL PLAYER!!!! ADORABLE!! :D

Love ya!

ChasingChase said...

Those pictures will be fantastic for every first date Klous ever has. Love them!!

Julie said...

If he likes dogs, I have a really cute full body black dog suit you can use. Zac was that one year and it kept him really warm. I might have a few other ones too.

krista said...

I think Klous looks adorable as a cow and as a clown! He is such a funny little boy. I also agree that he would be so cute as a little baseball player!