Friday, May 4, 2007

Must have water....

Well, earlier this week, it was pretty hot outside...and as you can see Klous was in his shorts and tanks!!! Well with a onesie too...eventually throughout the day, we would have to strip him down because he was getting hot. Anyways...Ryan likes to have his water bottle out...and set it on the floor when he's not drinking it...Klous manages to roll to where ever it is and get it!!! He just likes the water I guess?? Or maybe the fact that he can hold it?? I don't know...but either way...he WANTS the water...and if you take it from him...he's not too happy. can I get this lid turned so that I can get a drink of this??
Well maybe if I pretend like I'm not paying attention to the camera it'll work??
Oh well...whatever...I'll just chew, suck, slobber, and play with it!!! :) Either way it's fun!!

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