Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Klous & his cousins!!!

Here's a few pictures of Klous with his cousins...they all love him...and he loves them all back!!

All the kids in Minnesota...all 14 of them!!

Yoda (Briella) just loves baby "cows" aka Klous :)

The oldest cousin and youngest...Katelynn & Klous :)

Klous, Yoda, & Jessi...Jessi & Klous have the same birthday...just 5 years apart!!

Zackeroni loves the baby...although at times he like to attack him...Klous like Zack too!!

Hannah Bug and Klous

Rebekkah oh SOOO happy to hold him!!

Chicken Butt (Max) and Klous

Emma-Lemma-Lou and baby Klous

Gabe, Hailey, & Klous...only a few days after he was born!!

Wow...look at that face on Yoda...so silly!!! She'll be a good mommy someday!!!

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